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I'm Dead

Revamping of Bree/Dulla/Hax’s Character below. its first person dialogue for now Ill throw images later on down the road Also you can consider this Bells and Whsitles; i’m scrapping the supernatural aspect. But it does play at the end of Gamma but gamma is not connected compeletly.

My name’s Bree’Anne Mc’Conner.

And I am the infamous hacker Dullahan.

I’m 15 as of last July; i’m 4 foot 11 inches, 147 pounds, I have rusty colored hair and Green Yellow eyes.

When i was ten i gained my infamy as a Hacker when i released a virus called the ‘unseelie court’ and it is a virus that can enter any computer with an internet connection. Actually it can enter any device that is connect to the internet.

but it’s not like I wanted to. You see I have this friend of mine I met in school. She’s 6 years my senior but we got along well even if I was only in school for ‘the experience’. (I was home-schooled until i was ten and earned my GED)

Anyway she got sick and as she was my only friend I had to do something so I offered my hacking and programming skills on a Bulletin Board on OZ. (OZ is that online community. My mom calls it facebook on Steroids)

The one who contacted me was none other then the oh so lovely American Bastard government.

Oh in case you don’t realize; I used to live in Ireland with my Father, Mother and my 14 half brothers (On occasion. Since I have one who’s daughter is my age. actually she’s older than me.) My mom and I moved after I kicked my father so hard in the jewels for stealing and marketing my computer operating systems we kinda had to leave the country. (I inventor the ZEUS and HERA OS systems that FAESTech markets)

I lived in Japan for Half a year where I met my ‘sempai’ Sakura Higurashi. She’s an administrator on the ‘World’ an online RPG. But in her spare time she likes to hack into the ‘end of the net’ and create artificial intelligences specializing in information stealing.

But after my mom met an old friend we promptly moved to Boston Massachusetts and my mom opened a bakery and internet cafe.(I run maintenance on them.)

Anyway; I’m a Hacker who no one knows who I really am. I’m in arts college for video games. I’m also the captain of our boxing club despite my height and youth. namely because i kicked the previous captain’s ass.

that’s my mother behind the counter; she’s a chain smoker and her entire life is either a lie or really well hidden. I’ve looked. There’s no record of my mother ever. the only thing close is a birth of a woman with the same name but it’s over 100 years ago so I know it’s not related. Even her Hair color is a lie. She’s naturally dark red headed but she’s died it black as long as I can remember.

TBC when Im not sleeping while awake